To create broad opportunities for everyone to engage and inspire through the art  science of teaching.

We listen, suggest and serve by providing  research on effective teaching accessible to all educators.

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Shares information on Learning Theories, SoTL, Faculty and Student Panels, Integrating Relevant Technology and Course Design.

Intensive hands-on studio integrating Backward Design by writing measurable, Outcomes; identifying Evidence with an analytic rubric to offer active teaching with relevant technology.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) session to assist faculty in researching their teaching.

Offering office hours to share research-­‐based practices on teaching; Developing studios and/or workshops related to teaching, learning, assessment, and/or the scholarship of teaching and learning; Co-­‐leading a Faculty Development or Assessment Think Tank, etc.

Weekly sessions sharing research-based effective teaching in higher education and advanced instructional practices.

Shares teaching practices to promote diversity and equity through their interpersonal interactions, research, and pedagogy. Faculty will be better equipped to write compelling diversity statements and teaching philosophies.

Highlights exemplary, innovative instruction through energetic, informal, concurrent quick chats.

Explore new ways to integrate meaningful technology into your practice. Through this event, educators will share ways which they visualize their research and help students connect concepts, such as infographics, video presentations, blogs, tools for formative assessment.

Provides faculty with measurement tools to self-evaluate their level of effective teaching. Integrates Assessment (observation); Measurement (rubric); and Evaluation.

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New TAs connect and learn about resources.

Discuss and implement practical strategies to survive and thrive.

Provides inclusive teaching practices to promote diversity and equity and better equipped to write compelling diversity statements .

Explore instruction beyond the TA role and develop your expertise in evidence-based effective teaching practices.

TAs will design a course using Backward Design by writing measurable outcomes; identifying aligned evidence; and creative active learning opportunities using relevant technologies.

In concert with the Writing Center, we provide guidance on drafting your Teaching and Diversity Statements, plus directed time to write or receive peer feedback on a draft.


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