Reflection and E-Portfolio's

I would like to share the final blog of the academic year with a 2018 paper entitled "Reflecting on Reflecting: Summer Undergraduate Research Students' Experiences in Developing Electronic Portfolios (EP), a Meta-High Impact Practice" by Weber and Myrick. The study assessed how using EPs influenced learning through reflection. Students reflected weekly on their research experiences through building and using ePortfolios, and attended three focus groups. Results found they used EPs to:

  • communicate their enjoyment for research;

  • increase knowledge and skills;

  • make their learning more visible;

  • track achievements;

  • enhance motivation;

  • create a learning community; and

  • demonstrate pride in intellectual growth.

Challenges to this approach included

  • designing the EP aesthetics;

  • developing appropriate content;

  • securing the time for development;

  • using the website for the long-term; and

  • faculty adoption, resources and scaling.

Weber, K. & Myrick, K. (2018). Reflecting on reflecting: Summer undergraduate research students' experiences in developing electronic portfolios, a meta-high impact practice. International Journal of ePortfolio, 8(1). 13-25.

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