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This week I received questions following up on last week's article, specifically on how a faculty might use low threshold tech to improve feedback - as it aligns with effective pedagogy. So, I would like to summarize key points from the Chronicle's "How to Give Your Students Better Feedback With Technology" (2019).

The guide shares feedback tools:

The authors remind us of an on-going theme shared many times on this SoTL blog on two main types of feedback — formative and summative. Formative feedback occurs during the learning process and is used to monitor and support progress. Summative feedback happens at the end and used to evaluate the achievement of outcomes. A high frequency of low stakes formative is most effective. Effective formative feedback should be Frequent; Specific; Balanced; Timely and Inclusive.

The article reinforces that feedback should align and enhance your overall pedagogical approaches (teaching philosophy). Approaches include increasing student engagement (which can assessed and measured through feedback); Facilitate productive discussions (which should also include timely, focused feedback); and Authentic Assessment.

Points to remember when considering using technology for feedback:

  1. Start with digital tools which you are already comfortable, such as the Google Suite.

  2. Make sure your choices are accessible for everyone.

  3. Ask your students what works for them.

  4. Expect a few roadblocks and be ready with contingency plans.

  5. Avoid making long videos.

  6. Video and audio feedback doesn’t have to be perfect.

  7. There is such a thing as too much information.

  8. Have a plan [and a backup]

Other Resources

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