2020 Horizon Report

Many of you know and read the Annual Educause Horizon Report, which comes out in February. I thought the timing of this report could be helpful to those who have migrated your courses online and perhaps those of you who may be soon converting your course. You can read a summary on Inside Higher Ed.

The report includes emerging tech that the authors believe will have a significant impact on the future of teaching and learning. The items were selected for their potential impact along dimensions of equity and inclusion, learning outcomes, risks, faculty receptiveness, and costs.

  • Adaptive Learning Technologies

  • AI/Machine Learning Education Applications

  • Analytics for Student Success

  • Elevation of Instructional Design, Learning Engineering, and UX Design in Pedagogy

  • Open Educational Resources

  • XR (AR/VR/MR/Haptic) Technologies.

One practical outcome of this research may be that 73% of students and 56% faculty have never heard of Open Ed Resources (OER). Hopefully we can continue to create high quality resources and make these available to our students at no cost.

A notable quote, "Learning designers, more than ever before, are being seen as leading experts in teaching and learning on their campuses. They are shifting from service/support roles to being seen as essential collaborators on the design of learning experiences."

Finally, if you are considering converting your course, we have created the document, Rapid Course Conversion into an Online Modality: A Focus On Pedagogy.

Malcolm Brown, Mark McCormack, Jamie Reeves, D. Christopher Brooks, and Susan Grajek, with Bryan Alexander, Maha Bali, Stephanie Bulger, Shawna Dark, Nicole Engelbert, Kevin Gannon, Adrienne Gauthier, David Gibson, Rob Gibson, Brigitte Lundin, George Veletsianos, and Nicole Weber, 2020 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report, Teaching and Learning Edition (Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE, 2020.

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