Online Course Migration Continues

On February 6, 2020 I shared the first blog addressing migrating courses online as many of us were doing so (and rapidly). Now many more are moving online. I would like to summarize ideas with a focus on pedagogy.

Davidson and Katopodis shared Transforming Your Online Teaching From Crisis to Community (2020) for IHE. In this summary, they suggest:

  1. "... by “engaged” learning, understanding the condition of our students’ lives and finding the best ways of teaching (Raygoza, M., León, R., & Norris, A. (2020). Humanizing online teaching)"

  2. "An "Active Learning" Kit, which shares Four Good Reasons to Start with Pedagogy

  3. It is in your control.

  4. It is free (money, not time).

  5. It [can] works.

  6. It is gratifying and gives you energy and inspiration for the bigger institutional battles.

  7. Effective Teaching Online [summary from IHE]

  8. The takeaway is that we cannot teach the same way online that we would in person: we need to use the available tools and engage students in active learning between classes. Some will use their CMS; others may use “free” social media and tools (Discussion forum, Slack channel, Google Doc or Twitter, using a hashtag).

  9. Keep in mind creating inclusive, safe and accessible environments.

I shared this resource last week, but in case you were not at the point of migrating, and now have to do so quickly, I created this Rapid Course Conversion into an Online: A Focus On Pedagogy guide. Initially, the ten steps were ten days, depending on your timeframe, you might have to address two steps/day.


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