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Some of us are mid-way through our semester and others on the quarter system are beginning a new term, perhaps the first they have taught online. I would like to share online pedagogy resources for everyone. First, we were fortunate to hold our fourth Celebrate [Online] Teaching: A Non-Conference today. I really want to thank those who shared methods that have been working for them online. Also, through online observations, I have seen it is clear that many are integrating research-based pedagogy in their online learning opportunities. A summary of the effective teaching methods are showcased in the Celebrate program, and a few others observed include:

  • Zoom Synchronous sessions, using screen share to project shared Google Slides, where multiple students respond by writing on the slides and track progress through shared Google Sheets;

  • Combing GoFormative assessments to engage students and provide real time feedback;

  • Students work together in Zoom Breakout rooms as project teams; at milestones they provide a team video to present their progress and receive feedback from their peers using Flipgrid or PechaKucha;

  • Combination of Zoom recorded videos, active learning exercises (students submit answers via Google Doc, Padlet or Wakelet for peer review;

  • Using Zoom Breakout Rooms and Whiteboard to discuss prompts - return to whole class to check conceptual application using Kahoot formative assessment;

  • Using Explain Everything to screencast narrating problem solving using eWhiteboards (students solve their own problems using the same approach);

  • Set up a WeChat and/or Slack group to be more accessible and provide real-time responses;

  • Creating and sending physical lab kits to students with learning outcomes, instructions for storyboarding via Jamboard, reflection prompts and project guides;

  • Designing various progressive tasks for e-Project-based Learning.

Also, here are two new Online Pedagogy Resources that you might review:

Online Math Course (Rolla, 2020); and

UCSD Teaching Online Wiki (Jemmott, 2020).

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