Online Teaching Reflections

After long months teaching online, we have finally made it to May! I realize that some are ending the semester, while others are in the middle of the quarter. Perhaps we all are realizing how migrating our courses online has recalibrated our perspectives on teaching.

In this reflective state, I thought I would share Benton's (2012) prompts for teaching using technology in her dissertation, "The iPad as an Instructional Tool: An Examination of Teacher Implementation Experiences." Feel free to simply ponder these or send your responses to me. I will aggregate and post on this blog, which might be helpful for everyone to view others' reflections.

  • How would you describe your prior experiences teaching online?

  • How did you feel when you heard that you would be teaching online?

  • Describe the type of training you had before you began teaching online?

  • How do you collaborate with colleagues when teaching online?

  • Describe your experiences that you encountered with teaching online.

  • How have you overcome the challenges of teaching online?

  • If I were a student in your online class, how would my learning experience be different?

  • Describe the planning process required for developing an online lesson.

  • Share specific activities in which your students have engaged online.

  • Describe your beliefs about the impact that online will have on student learning.

Benton, B. (2012). The iPad as an instructional tool: An examination of teacher implementation experiences. Theses and Dissertations. 462.

Hargis, J., Cavanaugh, C. & Soto, M. (2013). Measuring the difficult to measure: iPad mobile learning. International Journal of Mobile Learning, 5(2), 60-77.

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